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Make easier communication between different languages ​​


In order to successfully conduct events such as conferences, lectures, and visits by foreign representatives, it is necessary to select an appropriate interpreter. Accent Mondial has secured a number of professional interpreters in each field with abundant field experience and knowledge to improve the perfect interpretation service.



For international conferences and seminars. It requires a two-person group and advance preparation related to the topic. Interpretation equipment such as a receiver and soundproof booth is required, and equipment rental service is provided.


For various business events, invitation of distinguished guests, buyer consultation, factory due diligence, and tourism.


For meetings and lectures with a limited number of attendees,
press conference, lecture, or MC interpretation services is also available.


Whispering interpretation and virtual interpretation using an online platform are also available.

Work based on
human resources

Our first task is to get a good grasp of meeting and look at parties involved, content, technical scale, location, and constraints. After deliberation, we determine appropriate service provision for meeting and select appropriate interpreter for upcoming meeting.


Then, interpreters will perform task simultaneous interpretation, sequential interpretation. We understand importance of interpreters

to success of a conference, so we work closely with interpreters,

while maintaining partnerships with professional interpreters who speak excellent languages ​​and are well versed in their specific fields.

Means of suitable Communication

Type of meeting determines methods and tools of communication.
For example, if good acoustics are required for comfort of audience,
we suggest choosing a technically suitable system, such as a stationary interpretation system (booth) or a portable system (suitcase with microphone, headset, etc.). If you have an upcoming project,
please contact us.

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