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Accuracy and high quality translation and interpretation work

Founded in 1989 based in Grenoble (France), Accent Mondial quickly gained recognition for providing

excellent multilingual translation services at an affordable price. Since its inception, Accent Mondial

has served as a primary customer for international organizations and industrial institutions.

In 2012, it was merged with Traducteo Group, a leading French translation company, further solidifying

its position in Asia. Traducteo is ISO 9001 certified in 2003 and is a member of the LSP Partner Program of

SLD TRADOS (Leading Software in Certification and Translation Support Services).

Traducteo Accent Mondial, which operates mainly in Europe and Asia, which is the most linguistically dense region,

has consolidated its international position and provides a variety of multinational language services,

such as communication, translation, desktop publishing (DTP) and video, to major customers.


Accent Mondial is a companion of international organizations and companies that

facilitate international exchanges, descriptions and catalogs. We translate patent certificates,

bids, contracts, marketing plans, and various licensing documents.

We assign a professional translator according to the translation requested by the customer,

guarantee the quality by receiving the supervision of an expert in the field, and are also

responsible for introducing an interpreter suitable for the meeting type of the customer.


Accent Mondial promises flawless results with multiple certifications.

스크린샷 2021-12-15 오후 5.35_edited.png
​Trados LSP Partner Program Member
Acquired ISO9001 certification based on standard EN15038
Full member of Association of French Translators (CNET) and European Union Association of Translators (EUATC)

Guarantees that it can be fully digested in over 40 languages,

even technical contexts beyond simple translation tasks.

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